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Krung Siam St. Carlos Medical Spa

St. Carlos Medical Spa : Asia's First in Integrative Medicine

With 25 years of unsurpassed excellence in integrating the best of Western and Alternative Medicine, St. Carlos Medical Spa has become one of the most well known centers in Asia. We have our own system of medical diagnosis and treatment procedures where we use latest state-of-the art high-technology equipment.

Recognized and awarded as the Best Medical Spa in Asia, St. Carlos Medical Spa continues to provide a multidisciplinary approach to integrated medical healthcare and spa programs. Crucial to this approach is the recognition of the balance of the mind and body. This healing principle is always reflected on every treatment at the medical spa.

Our first principle in treating patients among other is, "Primum no cere," first, do no harm. Second, treatment must have prompt effect for patients' relief. Third, the treatment must focus on the patient as a whole, improving patients' emotional as well as mental state to uplift their quality of life, hence, a holistic approach to a medical problem. Our philosophy is to treat the cause of the illness together with the symptoms. By combining the knowledge and therapies of the Western and Eastern alternative medicine, both the cause and effect of the illness will be resolved without delay and bring back the patient's health to the optimal level.

We have several programs that will suit everyone's need in achieving a refreshed well being.

Rejuvenation of the Mind and Body

The body and the mind must be harmonized in order for the person to be in perfect health. The mind itself can affect the body and cause symptoms bringing about a decline in the quality of life. At St. Carlos Medical Spa, we have developed a technique to bring back the balance of the physical, mental and emotional energy towards a rejuvenated self.

In the physical aspect of health, appearance is the first and foremost indicator of its status. We have the knowledge and experience in turning back the clock and make you appear and feel young again. In re-energizing, but at the same time, relaxing the mind, you will undergo our combination of therapies that will surely make you more familiar with your way of thinking. Once you have recognizeed the major difficulties in your psyche, then a peaceful and productive mind can be achieved.

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