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Medical Spa


Hydro colon therapy is the advanced detoxifying and cleansing treatment. The intestine will be cleaned improving the digestive system. The treatment helps to get rid of constipation, flatulence, general body tension, and headaches and improve the skin condition tremendously.

Oxygen Therapy

Where there is lack of energy, there is lack of oxygen. Oxygen is the source of life. Oxygen therapy improves delivery of oxygen to the cells, burns up fat, helps to stay slim and younger, providing a super abundance of energy and vitality. Practicing oxygen therapy will energize all muscles, calms the heart rate, and lowers blood pressure, boosts resistance to disease, lifts mood and improves sleep

Color Therapy

Color therapy brings benefits in energy balancing and body harmonizing. It compensates the lack of energy, stimulates the wound healing, problem tissues healing and balances emotions.

Body Composition

Allows to diagnose the body composition and design the individual Body Trend Report including the metabolism rate, individual Weight and Activity Management Plan (Including Projected Weight Loss to Goal Weight) as well as Cardiac Risk Report in the function of 3-5 years

Body Treatments

  • Slim & Tone Warp
  • Detox Warp
  • Krung Siam Reposant
    ( Phyto Plus Relaxing )
  • Fangocean ( Mud Pack )
  • Cellulite Rub
  • Dead Sea Salt Scrub
  • Tropical Body Polish
  • Herbal Pack
  • Aroma Stone Therapy
  • Asian Blend
  • Acupuncture

Medical Equipment

  • Biostatic Therapy
  • Prognostatic Diagnosis
  • Aurastatic Diagnosis
  • Dermatone ( Cellutec )
  • Cellulimph ( Fomosa )
  • Pressure Therapy

Hands & Feet Treatment

  • Hands & Feet Herbal Bath
  • Foot Massage

Body Massage

  • Thai Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Phyto-Aroma Massage
  • Cranio-Sacral Massage
  • AyurLomi Massage

Hair Treatment

  • Oil Hair Treatment

Medical Spa

  • Hydro-Colon
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Color Therapy
  • Body Composition

Spa Facial Therapies

  • Personalized Oriental Facial
  • Ommani Daily Facial Mask
  • A treatment that brighten skin complexion.
  • The treatment that regenerates and hydrates the skin. For all skin types.