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Integrated Weight Managment Clinic

Safe, Successful & Sustainable Weight Loss

Integrated Weight Managment Clinic

As a frontier for employing holistic approach through the combination of Eastern and Western principles in diagnosis and disease management, St. Carlos Medical Spa of the Krung Siam St. Carlos Medical Centre created a new division ---- the Integrated Weight Management Clinic (IWMC).

This new clinic employs a multidisciplinary approach to weight management providing for a much better outcome.

IWMC created the St. Carlos Medislim Program ensuring direct approach to weight management by promoting client empowerment through education & awareness prompting healthy lifestyle changes.

During the entire program duration, clients will be monitored by physicians, nurses, nutritionist, fitness instructor, acupuncturist, and therapists ensuring safe, successful and sustained weight loss.

Integrated Weight Managment Clinic

What sets us apart?

  • Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Weight Loss
  • Personalized Program for Every Client
  • Well- Equipped Medical Spa with Exclusive Dining Facility and Fitness Center
  • Employs Holistic & Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • Uses Empowering Tools to Drive Behavioral & Lifestyle Changes
  • Serves Calorie-Controlled Gourmet Meals
  • Provides Effective Weight Loss Spa Treatments
  • Endorses Proven Safe and Effective Proprietary Herbal Products

IWMC Medislim Package

  • (7 Days / 6 Nights accommodation) includes 10 major & 10 minor treatments

IWMC Services: Comprehensive Laboratory Screening, Alternative & Holistic Diagnostics, Daily Medical Assessment & Nutritional Talks,Dietary Prescription & Daily Nutrition Counseling, Daily Personalized Fitness Coaching, Calorie-controlled Gourmet Meals, Medical Therapies, Localized Lipolytic Therapy, Hydrocolon Therapy Alternative & Holistic Therapies, Daily Acupuncture Sessions, Sound Therapy, Cold & Hot Spa, Slimming Treatments, Organic Body Cleanse, Wraps & Massages, Spa Hydro Treatments

Body Treatments

  • Slim & Tone Warp
  • Detox Warp
  • Krung Siam Reposant
    ( Phyto Plus Relaxing )
  • Fangocean ( Mud Pack )
  • Cellulite Rub
  • Dead Sea Salt Scrub
  • Tropical Body Polish
  • Herbal Pack
  • Aroma Stone Therapy
  • Asian Blend
  • Acupuncture

Medical Equipment

  • Biostatic Therapy
  • Prognostatic Diagnosis
  • Aurastatic Diagnosis
  • Dermatone ( Cellutec )
  • Cellulimph ( Fomosa )
  • Pressure Therapy

Hands & Feet Treatment

  • Hands & Feet Herbal Bath
  • Foot Massage

Body Massage

  • Thai Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Phyto-Aroma Massage
  • Cranio-Sacral Massage
  • AyurLomi Massage

Hair Treatment

  • Oil Hair Treatment

Medical Spa

  • Hydro-Colon
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Color Therapy
  • Body Composition

Spa Facial Therapies

  • Personalized Oriental Facial
  • Ommani Daily Facial Mask
  • A treatment that brighten skin complexion.
  • The treatment that regenerates and hydrates the skin. For all skin types.