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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

  1. To be recognized worldwide as a leading organization in health care services.
  2. To continuously develop human resource spirit as a good team player, initiator and with willingness to improve.
  3. To continue the history of creating market products which are of highest quality, reliability and effectiveness.
  4. To establish ‘St.Carlos Regimen’ as the newest approach to weight control through combination of medical and herbal practices.
  5. To achieve maximum health and wellness for all through outstanding products and services.


  1. To become one of the world’s leading organization in health care business.
  2. To develop quality human resources in our organization to meet international standard.
  3. To continue the development and improvement of our products in the market through worthwhile scientific researches.
  4. To be accepted globally as one of the leaders in practical, effective and safe weight control system.