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Women’s Center

Women’s Health Center. Krung Siam St Carlos Hospital offers full services for woman including screening tests and treatment with surgery. This Center Provides a private exam areas with a modern up-to-date medical equipment and bathrooms .Private consultation room with a warming atmosphere for our patients are also available in this center.


  • Gynecology & GYN surgery
  • Ultrasound
  • Colposcopy

Woman’s treatment

  • Disorders of menstruation, Menstrual pains, Vaginal discharge and urinary disorders. (The overactive bladder).
  • Vaccination for cervical cancer.
  • All types of cancer in women

Surgery and plastic surgery for women

  • Surgical treatment of urine leakage
  • Plastic surgery for vagina and clamp.
  • Surgical treatment for hysterectomy and ovary.
  • The other problem in obstetrics and gynecology that requires surgery.